Hexagonal Wire Netting

Sulesh Wooven Wire Mesh has been engaged in producing and selling of Hexagonal wire mesh / Murga Jali for over 25 years, marketed under Snake® Brand. Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of Chicken Mesh / Murga Jali. Hexagonal wire netting is manufactured in:

  •   Galvanized Iron
  •   Galvanized Iron Drawn Wire
  •   Stainless Steel

Our in house brand, trusted since 1960’s for it’s supreme quality and reliability in various industries that require premium quality metal meshes.


  •   Industrial and Agricultural Constructions as Reinforcement.
  •   Reinforcement material and substrate to cement in brick less walls.
  •   In buildings as reinforcement of the roof and floor
  •   Light fencing for poultry farms, bird cages, tennis courts and fish garden, and children playground.
  •   Covering glass wool and rock wool in pipeline and boilers insulation.

Technical Specifications

Mesh Wire Gauge (SWG)
Inch mm
1/2" 13 mm 28 G to 20 G
3/4" 20 mm 28 G to 19 G
1" 25 mm 25 G to 18 G
1-1/2" 38 mm 21 G to17 G
2" 50 mm 20 G to 15 G