Glass Fiber Mesh

Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis fabric, then coated by alkaline resistant latex; After surface treatment, this alkali-resistant mesh has fine alkaline-resistance and high strength, Water-resistance, alkali-resistance, flexibility, softness and resistance to aging.

We are Stockist of Fiber Mesh and Insect Screens manufactured by Saint Gobain Vetrotex India Limited for Northern India.


  •   It is widely used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plaster board, artificial stone materials, exterior insulation finishing system and renovating building surface; Glass fiber provides both reinforcement and dimensional stability.
  •   Glass Fiber Mesh is used to reinforce the plaster coating and has the added advantage of preventing cracking on other layers, not to mention eliminating the possibility of leaks.
  •   Available in various Colours, Widths and sizes.