Concertina Coils

The RAZOR EDGE CONCERTINA COILS or PUNCHEDTAPE CONCERTINA WIRE COILS are spirals consisting of a sharp-edged tape crimped to a spring steel core wire duly galvanized against rusting. Each turn of the concertina coil has a series of sharp edges (barbs) all along its length at regular intervals.

It has approximately 160 barbs per running meters which is three times that of conventional barbed. RBT/PTCC security fencing are highly effective, and hence is very difficult to cross over.

Our in house brand, trusted since 1960’s for it’s supreme quality and reliability in various industries that require premium quality metal meshes.

Short Barb
Long Barb
Medium Barb
Scrapper Barb


  •   Lighter in weight (about 40%), hence can be easily transported or carried in field for installation.
  •   Consumes lesser length (about 33%) for the same area of fencing as Compared to the conventional type barbed wire.
  •   Provide perfect and effective obstacles against possible Intrusion by men or beast.
  •   Sturdy in construction, easier and economical in installation use.


  •   Acts as an instant barrier.
  •   The sharp barbed point ends deployed in rows, act as a strong deterrent.
  •   A wide area can be cordoned off in very short time.
  •   The barrier erected with RPT and RPCC is economical, time saving and more effective.


  •   With PTCC rolls it is possible to erect protective barriers quickly, easily and exactly, keeping with actual fencing requirement of your house, residential complex, VVIP areas, etc.
  •   Ditches, walls and fences can be reinforced with barbed wire crests in a variety of ways. A small diameter is particularly suitable for this purpose on account of its greater rigidity.
  •   When used entirely on their own they make highly effective barrier installations.
  •   Multiple barriers of concertina wire coils are particularly effective.
  •   It is quick to install as a twin barrier (comprising of one roll inside another).

Specifications Short Barb:

S. No. Coil Dia (mm) No. of Loops App. Wt. in Kg Spring Length
1 1050 51 15.20 10-15 Mts
2 750 51 10.75 08-10 Mts
3 610 51 08.75 05-07 Mts
4 610 72 12.50 10-18 Mts
5 450 45 05.70 04-04 Mts